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Fun with Santa ~ Denver Photographer

This is “our” Santa Claus and he is the BEST ever! Mia’s picture has been taken with him every year. Last year we tried extremely hard to get out to the Zoo to see him, but it was just too cold, and we were not able to connect with him so Mrs. Claus so graciously invited us to “Santa’s House” for pictures. Before we left she suggested we make it a yearly thing, as it was SO much easier than trying to chase him around. Mia needs a little more attention than the Mall Santa’s allow, she needs time to warm up. It just so happens that “our Santa” is my cousin’s Grandpa, therefore; he is always at our Christmas Day festivities with the family. If this year is anything like last, I will need to apologize to Santa because Mia will follow him around the entire day on Christmas. :) Other than my Cousin’s family and Mine there were a few other’s there for Santa pictures, and a few of them gave me permission to share their pictures here. Thank You Santa, we will see you again in a week!

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